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Home Buying

Purchase your dream house even if you can't get a traditional home loan with Rent Then Own Homes. We provide rent-to-own contracts for aspiring homeowners.


Call us right away if you wish to own a house that you always wanted! Contact our friendly staff today for more information on our home buying services.

More Than 15 Years of
Combined Experience

Who We Are

Rent Then Own Homes offers inexpensive rent-to-own homes NATIONWIDE. With more than 15 years of combined experienced, we provide rent-to-own applications also know as a lease option contract for clients with low income and bad credit. Our company encourages you to capture a piece of the American dream by purchasing our residences for sale.

Mission Statement

We remove any roadblocks that stand between our client and the keys to their new home in order to make the American Dream of homeownership a reality. 

Contact us for low-cost, rent-to-own homes and applications.